If You Wait Long Enough - Songs Of Will Stratton cover
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I am happy to announce that I have collaborated to a benefit compilation for Will Stratton with a cover of his graceful Honey Diamond.

Will Stratton is a champion of independent music. His work is challenging, virtuosic, beautiful, and brave.

He was diagnosed with stage III testicular cancer last September, and has spent the better part of the last year fighting his way back to recovery. He’s hard at work on a new record, which we all can’t wait to hear. It’s been an honor and a privilege to be able to contribute to this benefit compilation.

I have been a fan of Will since he began recording, after chance stumbling on his first LP. I was lucky enough to meet him as Post Empire was released in Europe.

I was attracted to the almost cyclic pattern that goes on the guitar bass strings on Honey Diamond, fading in and out like some obsessive mechanism. I wanted to emphasize that.

Yet at some point in the process a new direction imposed itself. A certain minimalism had to prevail. Colors and textures had to be sonically depicted: dark blues and greys, iridescent pastels glowing through semidarkness, the granular and cold touch of damp stone.

A scenery kept unveiling in my imagination. That of a magic character, appealing and frightening at the same time: the guardian of a diamond mine. His song tells of his battles and crimes to protect the diamonds. His song reveals the diamond’s secret and true value: a vital force that goes beyond moral, an unrivaled purity that will prevail through pain, despair and darkness. This is a tale of survival.

All proceeds go directly to Will. We’re hoping to help him deal with some of the medical bills from his treatment, and get him back on his feet as soon as possible.

If You Wait Long Enough – Songs Of Will Stratton is available from June 11th on: